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Some…interesting P4 Golden moments besides the infamous “I HAVE TO PEE!” scene

Plus a bonus.

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April Showers

Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.
Or something like that, really.

(I’ll bake a cake to whoever who write a thing about that.)

Nagisa doesn’t really understand the concept of spring. For him, the world has two moods : sunny, and i-will-never-put-a-toe-outside. Sunny means “no need to hide that magificient body anymore !” and i-will-never-put-a-toe-outside means “I’ll stay forever in my bed and maybe go out for an hour or two in the snow”.
(Rei does not actually disagree with his fashion choices. He just mumbles something about the weather that could turn cold any second now, sighs and let it slide.)

I just wanted to draw something with colours and then BAM Reigisa because Nagisa IS a colourful person, with a swimmer body (no really Nagisa has muscles Nagisa is a swimmer have you ever seen a swimmer seriously these men have all the right muscles in the right places and I’m a lesbian so this means a lot)

And then I wanted to do some kind of backround and then BAM, an empty beach and an empty ice cream shop because it’s kinda cool. It looks better on paper though. Poor Rei. Always the one suffering from the scanner.

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Ten Cups


Fandom: Fire Emblem: Awakening

Pairing: None, Chrom solo

Tags: Omorashi, Watersports, Dacryphilia, I Am Garbage

Plot: It started with some slight fidgeting; not enough to draw attention, but shifting enough to take the pressure off of his full bladder. 

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Ugh I should be working on askblog comic but jhwekwejdhwej here’s Arthur pissing himself again b/c I like pottertalia and omorashi //

And it’s for Julia ;v;

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Soft moans and pants filled the air…”


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Ai Towa Yoru ni Kizuku Mono by Yoshinaga Fumi.